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General Industry

The general industry is from any angle versatile and demanding. LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH's customers here profit from our experience from the automobile industry and the high purity segment. This is how, in addition to efficient system engineering, intensive consultancy on all aspects of industrial component cleaning is guaranteed.

High Purity

Very delicate cleaning processes demand critical examination of the entire system and process engineering in conjunction with relevant environmental factors in any form. The yardstick represents the relevant undesired impurities (particulate, organic or biological). For this, LPW also offers new and innovative methods, in addition to familiar cleaning and drying methods.


The automobile industry is the largest and most important user of industrial cleaning systems worldwide. In addition to the once dominant particulate purity requirements of the drive train (Powertrain), film impurities are increasingly playing an important role in the automotive sector.

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