Drying method

In the borderline areas of water-based cleaning technology, the use of classic systems works only to a limited extent. CNp drying or superheated steam are used here.

Selection of a suitable drying method

What is drying?

In cleaning technology, drying means the removal without residues of water residues adhering after the cleaning process.

Component and cleanliness-related factors affecting drying

  • Component geometry
  • Examination
  • Cleanliness-/quality requirement

Conventional drying methods

  • Blowing off or if need be a "Suction" as well with simple geometries
  • Warm/hot air drying systems (recirculating/feed air dryer)
  • Indirect/"contactless" thermal drying e.g. by means of an IR radiator
  • Vacuum drying
  • Condensation drying

New options

At the boundaries of water-based cleaning systems, the use of conventional systems functions only to a limited degree. Even when drying bulk goods, with capillary structures (e.g. blind holes, clearance holes with diameter less than 1 mm) or with special materials (such as sintered metals), new methods or combinations are required:

  • CNp drying
  • Use of superheated steam

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