Automated transport and loading systems in Industrial Cleaning Technology have to maintain a continuous material flow, free from malfunctions and a targeted material flow with as little staff involvement as possible.

A high degree of flexibility applies generally to all automation in the industrial cleaning environment. For the component can usually be positioned and clamped under certain conditions. Conventional goods carrying systems have higher tolerances than those that are perhaps usual in machining processes. In addition, chemical, contamination and moisture factors must be considered in the design, as these can have considerable influence on both the function and quality of the cleaned products.

Frequently, component cleanliness requirements must also be taken into account. Integration and connection to purifying and clean rooms is only one of the tasks to be solved here.

Bandwidth of automation systems

Automation systems that store or buffer a certain number of loads and then feed these for cleaning in a fixed and unchangeable sequence according to the system cycle are both notorious and tried and true. As a rule, this is done by means of familiar technical solutions, such as conveyor systems in the form of belt drives, friction or chain conveyors.

Portal systems, various versions of robot-supported automation and low floor shuttles have a higher degree of flexibility.

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