PowerStep (serial immersion systems)

These systems are used for high load throughput, also in fine and ultra-fine cleaning.

This is a powerful system with a configuration designed specially for the task, in the form of

  • A number of cleaning and rinsing baths
  • Requirement-dictated drying in series to achieve medium
  • and, for simple geometries, high quality cleaning criteria in all fields of industry

During very delicate cleaning, even with complex geometries, covered increasingly by the single/multi-chamber PowerJet, a serial immersion system can stand out in certain fields of use (e.g. in the optical industry or semiconductor engineering) with a high load throughput, even in the delicate and very delicate cleaning fields.

These systems are often fitted with ultrasound or megasound systems (if need be, multiple frequency ultrasound systems as well). The individual baths have a filtration circuit as well as surface skimming.

The goods are moved in the baths as an oscillation/lifting motion or by means of appropriate mechanical devices as a tilting/turning motion. An optional linear transport system repositions the goods carriers between treatment stations.

Those processes that must take place under a vacuum, conditioned by the media or process, are also possible by the use of hermetically sealed chambers.

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