Fine and deep cleaning

Fine cleaning means a constant, high quality cleaning result in continuous operation according to the stipulated residual contamination quantities and jointly established methods for achieving the residual contamination stipulation.

In conjunction with optimized tank and pipeline designs, recontamination can be avoided by film or particulate bonding in the media circuit. In particular, additional safe process mechanical washing methods, such as cyclic nucleation (CNp), ultra-/megasound cleaning, as well as injection/pressure flooding, as the highest degrees of purity can be achieved with this method, are suitable for fine/deep cleaning.

The aspects of ideal flushing quality and the avoidance of re-/cross-contamination, as well as medium delay, are of particular importance.

Limiting according to best practice of unwanted impurities and the target size demanded are not enough alone. The design of a cleaning system to the deep cleaning requirements of the automobile industry, perhaps for injection systems, requires the same attention to detail and the same effort as the planning and production of a cleaning system for medical technology, semi-conductor production or the optical industry. In the matter of environmental and framework conditions in relation to the necessary purity requirements, a different approach is demanded, as the physical and chemical limits of components, fluids, gases and additives have differing effects.

The basis of all deep cleaning themes, however, is that they have little prospect of success without direct cooperation between the system builder and the customer. The technical cleanliness aspect is a task for the entire process chain in all these projects.

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