Media/bath preparation

Modern industrial cleaning systems usually have media circuits (in full flow or bypass mode), which are characterized by special media preparation systems, by means of which process media are purged of unwanted contamination.

Conventional full flow preparations

Conventional full flow systems are those which are incorporated directly in the media circuit or the media feeds and for logical reasons occur in almost all systems with circuit media routing. Whether a simple, single-layer coarse screen or even complex multi-layer filter elements - the execution and fineness is consistent with the type and size of the permitted contamination, as well as with the desired flows. Alternatively, or additionally, for example, centrifugal separators are also used for gravitational separation or even magnetic separation in full flow.

Incidental flow/bypass filtration

These are, for example, extremely fine flow filters/membranes, or even a wide range of physical separators. The systems are also used on full flow preparations, or complement these. Because of their special properties, they are best suited for clearly outlined types of contamination.

  • Coalescence/gravitational separators
  • Centrifugal separator systems
  • Distillation/evaporator systems
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Micro-/ultrafiltration ...

... and air.

The medium of air which, inter alia, acts in the different drying phases, is often ignored. Feed air, as well as air ducts and favour the entry or concentration of contamination. Not only particulate, but even film impurities as well, form insidiously over the system operating duration into disturbances that are relevant to purity This must be taken into account during planning and solved by suitable air ducts and filter systems.

Method for media/bath preparation in comparison...

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