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Cyclic Nucleation Process

If parts with complex geometries have to be cleaned, the Cyclic Nucleation Process is an interesting alternative to ultrasonic cleaning. A manufacturer of filigree devices for high-frequency surgery has had good experience with it. [read more ...]

LPW Test and Service Center

After intensive preparation time and the necessary construction measures, the new LPW Test and Service Center is inaugurated at the company's location in Riederich in September. More Information ...

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On our News page we regularly keep you up to date with information about our company, our services and our machines. Take a look inside ...

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... to LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH. We are among the leading providers of high quality systems and process engineering technologies in industrial component cleaning with water-based media. Inter alia, our systems are used in the mechanical engineering, automotive, and aerospace sectors, as well as in general industry. With the company’s High Purity Division we are also a desirable partner in sectors with delicate and very delicate cleaning tasks such as medical systems, the optical and semiconductor industries.

The LPW range of services includes standard and individual solutions for optimizing production processes in energy efficiency, availability and quality terms.

We configure established cleaning and drying methods with modular sections consistent with the relevant process requirements. We also develop and refine new methods and process solutions continuously.

Allgemeine Industrie

The general industry is from any angle versatile and demanding. LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH's customers here profit from our experience from the automobile industry and the high purity segment. This is how, in addition to efficient system engineering ...

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High Purity

Very delicate cleaning processes demand critical examination of the entire system and process engineering in conjunction with relevant environmental factors in any form. The yardstick represents the relevant undesired impurities (particulate, organic or biological) ...

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The automobile industry is the largest and most important user of industrial cleaning systems worldwide. In addition to the once dominant particulate purity requirements of the drive train (Powertrain), film impurities are increasingly playing an important role in the automotive sector ...

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Brief portrait of LPW

Gerhard Koblenzer
Gerhard Koblenzer
LPW Reinigungssysteme

Tradition, experience and innovation

"Considering experience from the past, know-how and technology from the present and thinking about future tasks – and in this way developing solutions for the future."

In line with this principle, we are developing customized systems with the maximum possible technical and commercial benefits for our clients. In addition, cooperation between the different specialist departments and immense innovation strength are a key factor for success. The LPW team consists of a multitude of experts with many years of practical experience in all sectors of industry.


System building

The complete engineering, plus final assembly and commissioning of all LPW systems takes place exclusively in house. All stainless steel modules are produced in close cooperation and coordination with German suppliers of many years. Even when selecting process engineering and individual mechanical components, we do not take any risks. Many years of cooperation with reliable partners enables us to optimize these constantly and adjust to the tasks in the market place.


All conventional automation systems, such as roller conveyors, loading and lifting devices, as well as highly flexible shuttle systems were developed and implemented by us independently for the needs of industrial cleaning systems.


With LPW's PowerJet modular building block system, we offer a multitude of solutions tailored to requirements, based on proven and standardized modules (mechanical or process engineering). This in its turn creates capacities to enter competently into "real" customer-specific requirements.


In our independent development departments, we are working constantly on new ideas or expanding and refining research for our clients. We also develop and improve processes continuously. Both for cleaning and for the associated drying tasks.


Water-based cleaning systems have been designed and marketed for more than 25 years under the name LPW. Long-serving employees, with their experience, in some cases spread over decades, guarantee the best possible technical support. In all disciplines relevant for our customers.

Delicate and very delicate cleaning

We have extensive experience in the "High Purity" field. Proprietary methods, such as perhaps the Cyclic Nucleation (CNp) very delicate/capillary cleaning process, also facilitate a clear increase in the range of options available. Jointly with our customers, we are also engaged in an ongoing dialogue to improve cleaning and drying processes. Encourage us!


Flat hierarchies and decision competence at all levels allow a high degree of mobility. This is how our technical solutions can be adapted flexibly to the tasks of our customers and be responsive quickly to a changed requirement.


We have a worldwide network of distributors with our solutions for industrial component cleaning with water-based media. LPW systems are at work in almost all European countries, as well as in North America and Asia. Through the SurfaceAlliance skills network, we can also offer our customers full service anywhere in the world.

Project planning

Project management is incorporated directly into line management and ensures coordination and communication of all processes related to an order in a transparent and comprehensible manner. This is how demanding turnkey projects can also be implemented without any problems.


In our sector, SurfaceAlliance represents a unique cooperation. The skills association, consisting of six specialists in process engineering cleaning systems, is represented in all sectors on core markets worldwide. With a production site in Poona, in India and production collaborations in Mexico and China, SurfaceAlliance is meeting international requirements.


Depending on the customer's task, LPW systems can include all known alternatives for water-based cleaning. We also provide our clients with innovative and unique methods for cleaning their components (e.g. our CNp process).

Trials and Analytical Systems

With our broadly based technical knowledge, the associated cleanliness laboratory at the Riederich site, as well as the principles laboratory in the Hüfingen branch, we are always available for trials approaching reality.