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Patience, know-how and integrated concepts

microPRODUCTION 23/24

A successful system concept in the high-purity segment calls for close cooperation between the manufacturer and user, a comprehensive testing phase, and support with integration. The SEMICONDUCTOR industry is driving development.


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Tailor-Made High-Purity System in Special Dimensions

IST 16 (2023)

The requirements in the high-purity area of industrial parts cleaning are becoming increasingly complex – and so are the demands on the system manufacturers. A specialist for technical cleanliness in the process chain is a sought-after partner in this sector and has now already implemented the second large-scale cleaning system for the company Trumpf.

Der Beitrag ist erschienen in IST 16 (2023) Heft 1, S. 24-25. Online abrufbar unter:

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Cleaning alone is no longer enough

microPRODUCTION 03/2022

In the manufacture of microsales products, the requirements for technical cleanliness are increasing. The defined level of cleanliness on diffcult to reach surfaces also plays an increasingly important role. This is a challenge for the entire process and the associated cleaning method.

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Parts Cleaning for the Cars of Tomorrow


In the automotive industry, film-type contamination is becoming an increasingly important consideration alongside the particle cleanliness requirements that have been the key factor until now. New manufacturing processes, innovative drive systems and autonomous driving all call for coordinated concepts for parts cleaning.

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Ready for new applications


Enclosed machines are the ideal solution for the ultra-fine cleaning of parts with complex shapes
because all types of liquid chemical cleaning and drying processes can be used. In addition, new
technologies such as cyclic nucleation and hybrid procedures are available.

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Cleaning Components Like in the Semiconductor Industry

Ultrafine Cleaning procedure | Before sterilisation, the final product  must be free of all residue from industrial manufacturing and toxic substances. A new patent-pending cleaning procedure from the seminconductor industry offers more options and could also be fo interest for medical technology.

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Trends in Automotive Parts Cleaning


The current megatrends in the automotive industry, which include Industry 4.0, electric mobility and autonomous driving, will all have a significant impact on parts cleaning. In the past the focus has been on removing particles, but now contamination in the form of films of oil or grease is taking centre stage.

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German Cleaning Systems for Asia

IST 01/15

Asia is a growth market and the demand for high-quality cleaning systems there is constantly increasing. This is why the Surface Alliance invited the Indian machine manufacturer NGCT, which is based in Pune, to become a member of the association of companies in 2010. Since then, production levels have constantly risen and the manufacturing site has been developed further. This article explains the bene ts of producing German products in India and the accompanying requirements.

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Greater Flexibility and a Higher Throughput with a One-Piece-Flow - Tailor-Made and Modular

JOT 03/14

State-of-the-art modular cleaning systems based on single-chamber machines combine the benefits of decentralised and centralised cleaning units, which makes them particularly flexible and efficient.

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Modular Six-Chamber System - Interim and Final Cleaning in One Machine

JOT 01/14

A multi-chamber machine has been developed for interim and final cleaning and corrosion protection of vehicle injection components, which allows for flexible operation and short cycle times.

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More quality, less expenditure

JOT International 01/10


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System PowerJet: Rapid support for flexible production processes

JOT International Surface Technology 02/10

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